2 column template

The 2 column template is the most widely template. If you find using the one-column template difficult, the 2-column column may be just right.

One of the difficulty in using one-column template was, the web owner needs to be a little creative to use it right. If you are new to web building, the one-column seems to offer nothing except for filling in content.

The 2 column template is more straightforward - you have one column for content and the other, the sidebar, for navigation and advertising space.

That frees you from having to think about addiitional coding for the extra column, the number of columns, and where to place it right so it does not inconvenient your users.

Fluid or Fixed Width

Another thing you want to consider in advance is to decide whether you want a flexi or fixed layout. A fixed width layout lets you calculate the output regardless of your visitor's screen width.

A fluid width, though it looks right on your screen, may looks bad on your reader's screen. There's no way to predict what your readers will be using to arrive at your site.

If you are unsure, go for fixed width at 960px.

Free Templates at this site

I use several 2-column templates on this site. There isn't any one that is better than the other. You have the freedom to tweak them in anyway you like once you are able to control your presentation with CSS.

You'll want to visit the pages that I used for each category:.

  • FAQs
  • HTML
  • How I built this website

All of my sidebars are positioned at the right. If you study the source code, you'll notice that the HTML layout is content first, followed by the sidebar. So even if you prefer the sidebar on the left, there's no need to swap the sequence. You just need to control the presentation at the CSS file.

Negative Margins layout

If you are new, leave out layout with negative margins. I will try to explain the concept the best I could, but still, I feel it is not for everyone. Use it only practising, but avoid using it for your web pages. The negative margin technique gives you the freedom to switch your columns to any position you like, but it does not help in your pages ranking in any way. Not at this stage.

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