A Web DIY Guide You Must Have While Building Your Web Site

Getting StartED Building Websites by Alexander Dawson

Have you ever tried to create a website, but struggled with achieving your aims?

Using a fresh approach to creating webpages, Getting StartED Building Websites will take you on a voyage of discovery helping you to understand what really makes up a website, as well as how to produce one of your own. using the latest techniwues and packed with useful information, you will learn how to build and maintain a website that stand the test of time.

Getting StartED Building Websites http://www.friendsofed.com/book.html?isbn=9781430225171 is much more than a beginner's guide; it's your pathway to web perfection!

Getting StartED books are friendly and accessible guides to the ofter-confusing world of technology.

Using simple step-by-step examples, screenshots, and tip-boxes, they give you the help you need to find your feet and start walking on your own.

Besides this website, this is the only book on web building you need.


  • What kind of website should I make?
  • How do I write good content?
  • How should I start coding my site?
  • What about web hosting?
  • How can I style my website?
  • How can I use images and media
  • What if something goes wrong?
  • How can I add interactivity?
  • How can my website be improved?
  • How can I get visitors
  • The 10 Commandments for websites

Add this to your library. When my site is down, or when connection is not available, you'll need to refer to this book to continue your website. http://www.friendsofed.com/book.html?isbn=9781430225171

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