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Years ago, when I first attempted to build my first web site, my goal was to build a free website. Yes, a free website with no cost incurred whatsoever. I started by creating pages on a site provided by my ISP - my free website.

My 2nd free website was built at bravenet. Kind of hard to believe that the page is still around after so many years. 1 thought my account would be deactivated as I had not been active after getting my own domain and hosting.

Notice the big banner at the top of the page? That's what you get for having a free space. You have no control over where it should be at. It appears at the top of every page.

I'd still prefer a free web by my ISP over other free hosting offered by other companies. My ISP provides only 2m of free space but there was no advertisements on my pages. A great place to test out newly built web pages when I was very new in building websites.

Fast forward to year 2011 - We are no longer restricted to just free web space by ISP. Today, we could have a free blog setup instantly within minutes without any knowledge of HTML. You don't even need to touch the HTML editor!

Can you build a business with free domain and free hosting?

Free domain and hosting is not the way to go if you want to have a permanent web presence. Get one when you are testing things out. Once you've decided to carry out your web business, a minumum requirement is your very own domain and hosting.

If you are unsure how could it be possible for your to build a successful web busines, I recommend the most complete web building system - SiteBuildIt.

Build a website for free


Build a website for free - A book written by Mark Bell on building free personal site, blogs, wiki, small business, multimedia based site - QUE Publishing.

  • Plan,organize, and design a site that really works, using tools you can find for free.
  • Discover the simple secrets of writing pages people want to read
  • Adapt your site for easy for easy viewing on cell phones.

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