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Notepad? Is notepad an HTML editor?

No, it's a text editor. I have to disappoint you with this tool.

If you have been using an HTML editor, you are free to continue with it. But I can't show you how to code with a HTML editor. The reason is simple - I can't use one.

Frontpage Express & Dreamweaver MX

I built my first few pages with Netscape Composer and Microsoft's FrontPage Express that was shipped with Windows 98. I stopped using them when I started learning CSS.

Later, I bought an used PC that comes with DreamWeaver MX. I struggled with it for a while and I gave up. Even the HomeSite that came along was equally difficult.

I have to clarify here that difficult doesn't mean it is a difficult software to learn and use. It merely means I couldn't manage it.

I have come to accept that fact that I am dumb when it comes to using software. Not just HTML editor. Most of softwares made me looked like an idiot. Embarrassing but fortunatly, HTML is something I can cope without a WYSIWYG editor.

Nvu - free HTML editor

Recently someone showed me how to create a squeeze page using the Nvu editor. This Nvu Web Authoring Software looks simple and easy. That squeeze page was coded in HTML 4.0 with tables.

I could customize a bit, like changing the colors, but I can't build a page from scratch. It was frustrating that a software meant to make work easier but made me helpless.

The Nvu I downloaded is still in my harddisk. Maybe some day, I'll load it up again and go through a step-by-step tutorial. At least this lifetime, I must be competent with at least an HTML editor and it may be Nvu.

Notepad ++

For years, I use the Notepad that comes along with Windows. Notepad has a bug. Sometimes saving the file caused the whole page of codes into a single line. It looks normal on the browser, but it is extremely difficult to read and edit codes.

I searched the net and discovered Notepad++ and Editpad lite

I tried Notepad++ and I like it.

After using I discovered it is indeed a power text editor.

I would continud to use it without all its other wonderful features which I will discuss when we are building the web.

After all, what I need is just a notepad with multiple tabs.

Is Hand Coding for you?

I didn't realise that by being a poor software user, I became a powerful coder just by using the Notepad. Validating HTML and CSS is really a breeze.

If you are comfortable with your WYSIWYG HTML editor, please continue using it. I don't know which is more powerful, but if you are starting out, try the notepad.

You'll thank me for it some day.

Comparision of some of the free HTML editors

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