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The collections of tools here serve one purpose only - I wished I had them when I build my first website or I knew they existed.

It also serves as a reference when I needed it. I had been saving them all over the places - at different machines, at Google Notes, at Google Aps, my notepad; at anything that I could grab hold of at that time, but unable to locate them when I needed them.

Resources you need to build your website

You should find them useful too.

  • to ease your web building project.
  • It may the tools you have been looking for
  • or during your web building, you wished there's a tool or software that could help you speed up the process
  • You may not know it exists.

They are listed here not for you to purchase.

Rather, evaluate its usefulness and decide if you need it for long term benefits or one-off.

Some of the resources listed here are mentioned in my website do-it-yourself guide.

I hope you find them useful and helpful in your web building process.

Some of the downloads are free. Those that are not, they may be embeded with my affilate codes where I make a commission through my recomendation.

I usually recommend products I used. Those that I have not, there's no way I can provide a review.

You are free to choose who you buy from, though I really appreciate your support for my effort in building this website. It also helps in my continued effort to provide value and maintaining this website and in feeding my family 8-).

There are no affiliate codes in all books except those that link to Amazon.

You don't have to buy everything to build a website, or a more effective website, for that matter.

The key is focus. Focus on one project till you achieved your desired results.

Do not make the mistake of buying everything you come across, believing that you have a better chance to succeed in a new area.

Depending on the time you can work on your website, more often than not, it takes years. Do not believe in products that promised you 5 figures a month with no work, no list, no selling...

Web building is hard work. The tools only make the work easier. Outsouce if you have limited time. But know the trade.

All the best to you your web building endeavour. You must succeed!

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