Are You Showing Your Visitors The Right Page ?

The pages here are about creating effective pages, and showing the right pages that made your website effective. It's not about designing the look and feel, but designing the flow.

Careful navigation designing that gets the click, guides the reader to the next most relevant page, or pages that best provide the solutions to their problems.

If you already have a website, stop those activities on designing, customizing the template, spending time on a perfect look and feel. Just quickly choose a template, have your site up and running and focus on buidling traffic to your website.

Improving the look and feel does little to help meet your site's objectives. On the other hand, a poorly designed website will lose you some visitors. We'll improve on that when there are visitors and through your tracking, you notice you're losing them because of a poor design.

When there aren't any visitors, it's too early to worry about this at this stage. If you came from the home page, you'll remember that's step 3 - conversion. We'll talk about designing for conversion.

Talking about designing for conversion

Pages that compete with the rest of pages on the Internet. And then the clicks within the website. If a readers are not guided to the next relevant page, they wondered to any other pages in search for further solutions on their own within the site. Worst off, they click the back button or close the tab window to click the next link from the search results.

The pages you show determine the effectiveness of your website. Show the sales page or catalog next may lose the visitors immediately. But that depends on which phrase of keywords they were searching when they arrived. If they are not at the "buying stage", they are most definitely not ready for a sales presentation.

If you have to improve on your site's look, spend not more than 10% of your available time and perhaps another 10% on maintenance. Spend the rest of the 80% on content and experimenting with landing pages. In fact, consistent valuable content will keep your site fresh and boost your site's ranking. That's part of traffic building.

If you look at my top horizontal navigation, you'll notice I provide short navigation bar; only 5 items in each bar. But there are actually 3 horizontal bars in this site; 2 items of each bar are repeats. I'll talk about this in details in the conversion section.

Meanwhile, the question I have to myself towards the the end of this page and every other page is - which page should I show next? Remember, design the flow.

Only question is, which page is the right page?

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