Build your first Landing Page

This article shows you how to lead your visitors to this page when they arrived at your site. Let this be the objective of each of your web pages.

The purpose of this landing page is to get a like to your Facebook page by your visitors.

Facebook Like Button

The objective of this page is to help you:

  1. build a landing page,
  2. grow your social media network by helping your visitors grow theirs,
  3. lead your visitors to this page.
  4. build trust and credibility with your prospective customers

Once you complete this exercise, you should be able to expand on the idea and build your other landing pages to achieve your site goals.

Focus on your goals and objective of your website

Do you still remember the objective of your website? I know, it's to make money. However, know that you may never succeed by thinking of only money and sales. Nobody, or few, will ever order your products or services upon the first visit. They do not know you yet. So how to make them come back again?

One of the most effective method way is to first to establish a contact so that you could continue to build a relationship with them. Make friends first before doing business. Let them know you a little bit more.

But how are you able to do so without their contact? Chances are, once they leave your site, they may never come back.

All Internet marketing gurus will recommend building a list. This is the most effective way to stay in touch.

To build a list, you'll need to invest in an autoresponder. This investment requres a monthly or yearly fees. If you are not ready to invest in an autoresponder, what are other options do you have?

If you want to start out free with zero cost, try MailChimp. It's free when you are building your list. You can send out 12,000 emails up to 2000 subscribers for free .

Go Social

If you are not ready for mass mailing, there is a better option. Thanks to the social media boom! This is something that was not available a decade ago. We are now able to stay in touch with each other by tapping on the social media network. It is more powerful than the usual mass mailing.

Building a list is only a one-way communication - from list owner to subscribers. Social media is a two way contact. It is the more preferrred mode now, so please do make full use of it while you are building your website.

How to you do it with your website?

You may want to create a page like this, You may copy some text from here, but do add in your own content. You need to write in your own voice. We are getting personal here.

Persuade them to :

  • like your facebook page
  • follow you on twitter
  • or any other social media networking you are active in.

Let's explore and see how this works....

Let's get connected and stay connected

At the end of your content pages, add in a last line to link them to this page.

When they arrived at this page, let them know what you want them to do. Request them to :

Social media is unlike link exchange. Link exchange has no advantages now. Linking to the wrong site may even get you into trouble, like being demoted by search engines for linking to bad neighbours.

Liking each other's fan page do not carry this risk, so your visitors will be happy to oblige. Anytime you choose to dislike or unfollow, you can do so without having the opposite party's approval or knowledge.

You like me and I like you...

Do you have a facebook page? I've just created mine yesterday. If you haven't got one, now is a good time to create one before your create this landing page. Lead them to this page from every of your other pages.

Beg them to like your Facebook page when they arrive at this page. No, you are not begging for a sale, just a like...

So the call-to-action from other pages is to click to this page. And over at this page, the call-to-action is to click a like in your Facebook page.

Can you do that now? I'll wait for you to come back...
My facebook page is

Thank you. After it's done, go over to the contact me page and send me your Social links so that I could like your pages too.

Take note that I focus on Facebook and Twitter. I have an account with Pinterest but not LinkedIn. Subscribing to your YouTube channel and Gplus is not a problem as I have an Gmail account.

Providing me with your links serves as a reminder. I'll be monitoring closely but in case I missed your gravatar on my FaceBook page, or forgotten to like you back, you may be thinking I've failed to honor my promise. So, just drop me an email.


you could send me your facebook address now and I'll go over to like your page without you first liking me. There's no need for you to like my page in order to get a like from me. Whether you want to make this offer to your readers is entirely your choice but I am offering this to you. I appreciate your liking me and I thank you in advance.

Is a like on your FaceBook good enough?

It's more effective to have a call-to-action on just one page. If it's not enough for you, you can list out not more than 3:

  • my guru squeeze - if you want to build a list
  • join my mailing and be my Free LifeTime Member

Over at the home page, I mentioned tapping on Social Media to bring in traffic. If you are ambitious and have the spare the time to work on your social network, It will bring in visitors. It works both way. Direct traffic from your site to grow your social network, while a growing social media presence will bring traffic to your site.

What works for me may not work for you. You've got to conduct your own test.

If you are copying this page, you may want to omit the explanatory notes, as my site is to help you build a funnel page. When you create yours, just make it short, state your objective.

Your objective is to exchange the connection, not to explain how to build a page like this, got it?

This page is great for building and earning trust. Business is build on trust. Your prospective clients and buyers will be observing how you deliver your promise made on this page.

facebook thumb up

You are not selling any product here but your brand and your reputation. If you failed to honor anything you promised, you'll be throwing away the possiblilities of any future business. I am earning mine here too.

I am earning mine here too. Come, like and test me.

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