Building My Own Web Pages

These are some of the basic pages we need to create for our site. Depending on the scale of your website, not are pages are needed:

All these pages are created by just using a simple template.

Temporary Home Page

When all your pages are not ready, you could just create a temporary home page. This page enables the site to be index before all other pages are ready.

Home Page

There is a trend of having a home page that does not share the same layout as the rest of the pages. If you are using ready template and if it comes with one, by all means use it. Otherwise, we can have a home page that has the same layout as the rest of the content pages. It's perfectly alright to build it that way.

Other files for the server

  • robots.txt
  • .htaccess
  • Google site owner verification file

Manual updating pages

As I do not rely on scripts, each time I complete a page, I'll have to update 2 other pages before I upload all the 3 pages to the server:

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