How to build a money making website

If you arrived here from the home page, you'd remember I mentioned the 3 steps in building an effective website:

  1. Driving traffic to your website
  2. Leading visitors to your landing page
  3. Converting them into customers

Now, if we were to expand the steps further and list out those pages that we need to build in order to achieve the ultimate goal, it becomes clearer what pages are required for the whole process:

    1. Visitors arriving at your home page through back links
    2. Visitors arrive at any of your web pages through search engine results
    3. Visitors arriving at your landing page through your marketing efforts
    1. A sign-up page to build your list
    2. A Landing page to recommend your solution
    1. From the signup page or landing page to the sales page
    2. The ultimate goal - A sale

I assume you are learning to build a website to make some money online. The pages in this section show you how these pages are created with this objective in mind.

However, if your objective is just in making a website, probably for fun or for hobby, or any other reasons except making money wth a website, click About 2 or website do it yourself to take you to the next section.

As you can see, it is still 3 steps. 1a, 1b and 1c are step 1 of getting traffic to your website.

Step 2 is more tricky. You could send all traffic to an optin page or a landing page. A landing page could be product review page or a presell page. You can have an optin incorporated into the landing page. No one can tell you which one works better. You'll have to test both to confirm which works better for your audience.

The chances of converting a list is way much higher than the first time visitor to the landing page. See List Building

All your pages are to be built with this objective in mind - It must lead to a page that entices your visitor to take action, and ultimately closing the sale:

  • Sign up a newletter
  • Sign up to be a member
  • Sign for a free trial
  • Make an enquiry - using the contact form
  • Make an order
  • Others

This desired visitor action is possible only if you have visitors to your website. So, focus your effort on bringing in the traffic to your website. Bring in some traffic, and gradually more traffic.

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