My First Page In HTML

This is my first page for this website.

There's no formatting done, so how it appears depends on the default setting of your browser.

If you clicked "view source", you'll noticed how simple it was, compared with any other websites.

The rest of the pages on this site won't look this raw. I am just showing, how quickly you can create your HTML page. You can create your own HTML page by copying this page and add in your own content between <artictle> to </article>

And you know what? Even without the styling, you will still be able to view it with a mobile

View Source

This is how it lools like if you click "view source" :

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">

Fill in your content here ( In between article )

<p> §
<a href="">SiteMap</a> §
<a href="">About</a> §
<a href="">Contact</a> §
<a href="">Privacy</a> §
<a href="">Disclaimer</a> §

<p class="domain"><span class="branding">
<a href="/">websdiy</span></a>© <sub>2019 </sub> </p>
<img src="" alt="Be Your Own Webmaster" /></a></p>



Styling with CSS

See how raw it is. To style this page, what you need is to styling with CSS.

I use the Note++ to create this page. To learn more about coding with HTML, go to HandCoding