My First Web Page - Step 6

What have we done so far?

Definition List

I learned of definition list only when I visited the wordpress site. I was learning the WordPress theme and when I came across pages like this and I started asking myself, how did they do that? A closer look revealed it was the definition list.

As I said earlier, whenever you learn a code, apply it to your pages. My sitemap has always used the definition list

Coding the DL

  1. Immediately below the Heading 6, open the tag with <dl> and close it with </dl>
  2. In between the opened and closed DL tag, open a <dt> and close it with a </dt> tag
  3. Fill in Definition List in between the DT tags.
  4. Depending on how many sentences of the dummy text you had under Header 6, fill in <dd> at the beginning of each sentence and </dd> at the end of each sentence.
  5. After 2 or 3 sentences, you may want to create another DT title.
<h6>This is Header 6</h6>
<dt>Definition List</dt>

After adding in the definition list to your dummy text, this is what you should see on your screen:

This is Header 1

This is my first page.

This is Header 2

  • This is the first item
  • This is the second item
  • This is the third item

This is Header 3

  1. This is item one
  2. This is item two
  3. This is item three

This is Header 4

This is a normal sentence.

This is with strong emphasis.

This line is in italics.

This is Header 5
Definition List
Donec libero enim, tempus nec dictum et, condimentum sed urna.
Etiam fringilla mauris lectus.
DT - Definition title
Proin ullamcorper ornare ipsum.
Curabitur aliquam porttitor magna, et tempor dui commodo sit amet.
Nulla in mauris sed nulla iaculis venenatis.
This is Header 5

Aliquam fermentum lectus quis ipsum vulputate at eleifend mauris auctor. Integer dictum congue elementum. Etiam vel risus magna. Duis mattis dictum justo in suscipit. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Proin eu lacinia ipsum. Pellentesque feugiat dictum tincidunt.

Do not be bothered by the wording differences in the dummy text. It's not important. Just get the Definition List right, that's all that matters.

If you could get it right, you are now ready to add styling to your first web page.

How To Make A HTML Web Page?
My first web page
step 1 the first sentence
myfirstpage1. html
step 2 the headings
myfirstpage2. html
step 3 the bullet lists
step 4 Emphasis - bold and italics
step 5 Lorem Ipsum
step 6 Definition List

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