My First Web Page - Step 5

Dummy Text

In this exercise, we are going to add in the dummy text.

To know more about the use of dummy text, got to Lorem Ipsum at Wikipedia.

Next, you may want to grab a few paragraph over here at

Use of Lorem Ipsum is optional. You could key in your own text if you choose to.

What we are interested in is to view the effect of a certain code and to monitor the changes "live".

Since Header 5 and 6 are blank, I'll add the dummy text under these 2 headings. After adding in the dummy text, this is what you should see on your screen:

This is Header 1

This is my first page.

This is Header 2

  • This is the first item
  • This is the second item
  • This is the third item

This is Header 3

  1. This is item one
  2. This is item two
  3. This is item three

This is Header 4

This is a normal sentence.

This is with strong emphasis.

This line is in italics.

This is Header 5

Aliquam fermentum lectus quis ipsum vulputate at eleifend mauris auctor. Integer dictum congue elementum. Etiam vel risus magna. Duis mattis dictum justo in suscipit. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Proin eu lacinia ipsum. Pellentesque feugiat dictum tincidunt.

This is Header 6

Donec libero enim, tempus nec dictum et, condimentum sed urna. Etiam fringilla mauris lectus. Proin ullamcorper ornare ipsum. Curabitur aliquam porttitor magna, et tempor dui commodo sit amet. Nulla in mauris sed nulla iaculis venenatis.

Separating Presentation with Content

Take another look at your myfirstpage5.html

In the past, in order to make the page looks what you want it to be, you have to code every line. Yes, every line.

Most people use an WYSIWYG editor, so they didn't feel anything. It just happened.

As I am unable to handle any editor, I depend on a notepad. and that is really tedious. I mean, really tedious.

You've got to tell the browsers how to interpret each line by telling them how it it should look like by coding each line: the font type, color, size, background color. Yes again, every line.

If we could do what we have been doing by just coding them as just headlines and paragraphs, life would be much easier, doesn't it?

It's possible - by just using in a CSS file.

And in our next exercise, we are going to do exactly that!

How To Make A HTML Web Page?
My first web page
step 1 the first sentence
myfirstpage1. html
step 2 the headings
myfirstpage2. html
step 3 the bullet lists
step 4 Emphasis - bold and italics
step 5 Lorem Ipsum
step 6 Definition List

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