How To Make A HTML Web Page

Can I Make My Own Web Page?

Yes, believe me. You can make your own web page.

Have this confidence, have this desire. And you'll be able to create your own webpage. Once you have successfully built a web page, the success and skills built upon will enable you to build another web page with ease.

And if you've been wondering all this while, "How can I build my own website?" here's how - you build it page by page. The pages you built will form a website. It's that simple.

How to build a simple web page

We start from building a simple web page.

HTML is not a programming language. If it was, then I would not have been able to manage it. Believe me, I've tried Basic and Visual Basic and I couldn't even complete the exercise.

Coding by hand

I can only code with a notepad. If you prefer a HTML editor, continue to do so. There's no need to switch. We don't have to go into debating which is better or more powerful. What we want is to create a website. Choose a tool you're comfortable with to get the job done. That's all that matters.

I own the Marcomedia MX for years and I do not know how to use it. Many would claim this is one of the most powerful and complete softwares for web building. Yet I hate having to learn how to use it. Maybe the 14 inch monitor I owned then was too small for me to do anything useful so I abandoned it.

If you want to try out a HTML editor, I recommend a free software - the NVU. It has been attested by many webmasters as one of the best editor around; and it's free. I tried it once to edit a page but I gave up. Yet I've seen friends using it with ease and wondered how on earth I could hand code yet couldn't handle an editor. So you see, it's really a matter of mastering the tool you're using.

I wouldn't say hand coding has an advantage over any editor. And there isn't anything I want it displayed on my web page that I couldn't do with a notepad. After all, I go for simplicity - a simple, useful and effective website. I am capable of achieving it with just a notepad.

If you are starting from scratch, I strongly encourage you to take this route. You'll thank me some day.

Now, let's start to make our very first HTML web page.

How To Make A HTML Web Page?
My first web page
step 1 the first sentence
myfirstpage1. html
step 2 the headings
myfirstpage2. html
step 3 the bullet lists
step 4 Emphasis - bold and italics
step 5 Lorem Ipsum
step 6 Definition List

The Easiest Way to Create a Website.

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