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Learn simple HTML to build your own website

This section is an extension of the 2nd part of website do-it-yourself. Once you start creating content, you'll have to dabble with the HTML codes. But for some, it will be before you wrote your first word, that is, if you were to start off with designing your site templates or customizing a template.

And after building the pages, you'll need some knowledge of HTML to maintain your website. So broadly speaking, HTML is needed on the 2nd part of web building. The earlier part being the planning.

We'll not going to cover all the elements in HTML. Just enough to code a page and to make it looks right, and if possible across all browsers.

Don't learn unless it's necessary; and once you learn something, apply it to a new page or find an existing page to implement it.

It's frustating to have to deal with HTML codes as if we were web designers or web developers. But knowing some of the basic HTML will help us a long way. Do bear in mind that this is one of the necessary skills in web building and like any other skills, it is acquired only with practice.

And we get better only by making mistakes. There were times when I was too fast in successfully implementing something new that I forgot how it was done.

Success yes, but skill acquired was actully nil.

Be positive towards making mistakes. It will make you better.

If you are ready, let's get our feet web and start learning...

how to make a html web page.

How To Make A HTML Web Page?
My first web page
step 1 the first sentence
myfirstpage1. html
step 2 the headings
myfirstpage2. html
step 3 the bullet lists
step 4 Emphasis - bold and italics
step 5 Lorem Ipsum
step 6 Definition List

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