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Tools for Coding HTML

A notepad is all you need.

Xampp is optional, You do not need it if you are saving the files with html extention. You'll need it to view php and WordPress sites locally. You'll also need it if you are using php includes.

Notepad ++

This tool is more powerful than the notepad that is shipped with Windows. I use this to perform some shortcuts, other features like replacing and multiple tabs.

Not just replacing of a word, but a whole bunch of text. Like if I were to borrow a template, and to change the text example.com to my domain, I only need to search for the text I want replaced and have them all replaced with a click of a button.

The other useful feature is the checking on the opening and closing of each HTML tags. I do not apply tabs to the codes, so I depend on this software to check if a tag is closed in its proper place.

Also in the CSS file, I move the cursor to the opening of each brace to check if the coding has been closed properly. And the colorings to spot errors.

Other useful features

  • Multiple tabs
  • Words count

Get a free and latest copy of NotePad++ here

Alternative Notepads

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Xampp Wamp EasyPHP

I've been using Xampp for almost a decade. I've tried Wamp and installation was not successful.

EasyPHP was not that easy. The port 80 clashed with Skpe installed on my machine. On a new machine which I recently bought, configuration was not successful. There was no Skpe installed but another issue I couldn't resolved.

Had it been successful, I would much prefered EasyPHP. The interface is much easier to use. I didn't want to waste time making it work so I revert back to Xampp. The software was not the problem, it was a configuration step that I missed. I couldn't find the site that provides the hack in my earlier installation and so I revert to something I was more familiar with.

In one of my laptops, I use virtual host so that coding for each website is easier.

If you had not used Xampp, you may not understand this. For my navigation of each site, I use a slash for home. If multiple sites are housed in Xampp, slash will take me to the root of Xampp. Virtual host solved this problem.

You do not need Xampp if you want to name your web pages with extention html. However you will need one if you want to name them as php and to install WordPress locally.

I named all my web pages as php because of a bad experience with my previous hosting. I use php includes in all my templates. After a few years, the sidebar and footer, which were coded in php includes, failed to work. The techical support was not willing to solve the issue, reason being I did it wrongly. But it worked for a few years.

The only solution was to move the site out and renamed them as php to avoid future occurances again.

My current hosting is Hostgator (affiliate link)

You can get a free copy here: