Hand Coding .websdiy

Lesson Three

In this lesson we'll be adding a new element <strong>.

  • Like h1 and p the <strong>. element requires a close so you'll have to close it with a slash </strong>. .
  • Another point to remember here- FIRST IN LAST OUT.
  • Whatever you opened first will be closed last.

Also from this lesson onwards, I shall not be providing the shortcuts like the previous two lessons. Go back and refer the previous lessons if you need a refresher.

Now let's start and see how well you do without help:

  1. Go to 03.websdiy.com
  2. Open Privacy
  3. Select All
  4. Paste
  5. Open notepad, save it as lesson3.html
  6. Now the coding begins:
    1. Code h1 for the first sentence.
    2. Code the 2nd paragraph
    3. Copy <p> from the first paragraph
    4. Skip those single line sentences
    5. Paste it to every other long paragraph ( those with a bunch of text only )
    6. Copy </p> from the first paragraph and
    7. repeat pasting at end of those long paragraphs
    8. Now we'll do the single line sentences.
    9. Type <p><strong> at the beginning of the single sentence.
    10. ( Leave the heading 1 alone, don't touch it )
    11. Copy the code and paste it to every other short sentences.
    12. Now come back to the end of the first single sentence
    13. Type </strong> </p>
    14. ( It doesn't matter if that's a spacing between the 2 tags )
    15. Copy and paste till the last single sentence.

    That's all!

    Did you manage to do it without refering to previous lessons for help? It doesn't matter if you did or didn't. As long as you can complete it, it's an achievement.

    Now take a moment to look at the codings for the short sentences. Remember I said earlier about FIRST IN LAST OUT ? The <strong> element came after the <p> so it has to be closed before the </p>.

    Congratulatons! Give yourself a pat on the back. You'll be a hand coder soon, coding a web page without using a WYSISYG HTML editor.