Hand Coding .websdiy

Lesson 2 - Earnings

Did you enjoy the previous lesson?

In this exercise, you'll be learning a faster way of coding and it is especially useful when you are coding a long article.

There's no new HTML elements added in this lesson, so coding is pretty much the same as before; only one h1 for the heading and the rest are <p> and </p>

Go to same url as last lesson - 03.websdiy. This term you'll open up the earning.html file by clicking the earnings disclaimer found at the bottom of the page.

  1. As before copy all the text on that page by pressing Control-A
  2. Copy and paste to a new Notepad
  3. Save it as lesson2.html
  4. Now the hand coding begins here...
    1. Code the first line EARNINGS AND INCOME DISCLAIMER under h1 ( you should be able to do this line without help this time )
    2. Type <p> at the top of the first paragraph ( the paragraph below the h1 heading
    3. Type </p><p> on the blank link between the first and second paragraph.
    4. Copy </p><p> (Control-C) and paste it to next blank line between each block of text
    5. Repeat Control-V on each blank line.
    6. Type </p> at the end of the last paragraph.
  5. Save the file

This is how it should look like:

  • The line after heading 1 is <p>
  • The line after the last paragraph is </p>
  • The rest in between each paragraph is </p><p>

Now if you have a website under development, you may want to copy this file and save it under you new website and named it earnings.html, disclaimer.html or income-disclaimer.html or whatever filename it want it to be.

Of course, the file is not complete. We'll able to complete it in lesson 5.