Hand Coding .websdiy

Yes, you can code a web page in 5 minutes

In this first hand coding lesson, I'm going to show you how a code a simple web page.

In this lesson, we'll be using 3 basic HTML tags:

  1. <h1> </h1>
  2. <p> </p>
  3. <br />

It doesn't matter if you couldn't make it under 5 minutes. It doesn't prove anything if you could do it in 30 seconds. More importantly, if this is your first attempt, you tried and succeeded.

Hand Coding Lesson One

The step-by-step guide to creating your first web page

  1. Create a new folder in your pc with a name of your choice:
    1. Open up your Windows Explorer
    2. Click the drive you want to hold your new folder, C:\ D:\ etc.
    3. Click New Folder
    4. Name it C:\HandCoding or D:\HandCoding or a folder name of your choice.
    5. Remember this folder, we'll be working on this folder from now on.
  2. Copy this file
    1. Open up this page with your browser - http://03.websdiy.com/
    2. Click ReadMeFirst at the footer
    3. A pop up window will open this file
    4. Press Control-A to select all the text
    5. Press Control C to copy
  3. Paste it to notepad
    1. Open notepad
    2. Press Control-V to paste the copied text onto notepad
    3. Save the file as lesson1.html
    4. Use Windows Explorer to open the file to see how it's like
    5. You'll notice all the text appears in one paragraph though in notepad that's what we want it to be.
  4. Now the hand coding begins...
    1. Key in <h1> before the letter F and </h1> after the period on the first sentence Read Me First.
    2. Type <p> before the first word of the second sentence
    3. Copy the <p> by pressing Control C and press Control-V to the beginning of every sentence
    4. Now go back to the second paragraph and position your cursor at the end of the last word after the period.
    5. Type </p>
    6. Copy </p> (Control-C )and paste (Control-V ) it to the end of every sentence.
    7. After my last name Ng type <br /> to bring the domain name to the next line.
    8. Save file (Control-S ) as lesson1.html under the folder you saved earlier (c:\HandCoding see 1iv).


While coding, you may press Control-S periodically to save your work. In case you made an error, hit Control-Z to undo.

This is what it should look like:

<h1>Read Me First </h1>

<p>I use more than one signup templates on this site.</p>

<p>Most of the templates are available for download at the Members Area.</p>

<p>If you do not know which to choose, I suggest you use this guru squeeze.</p>

<p>It does not matter which page you signed up with on this site. All of them will send you to the same download page until the free lifetime offer is closed.</p>

<p>Eskay Ng<br />

Now click C:\HandCoding\lesson1.html or D:\HandCoding\lesson1.html in Windows Explorer, or F5 to reload the page in the browser you had opened earlier.

If everything is in order, check your clock, your watch or whichever timepiece you have with you.

Did you take more than 5 minutes?

Never mind if you didn't. It takes a little practice and you'll be able to complete it under 5 minutes.

Is that all? Well, almost... we'll need to insert the html, head and body to this file. We'll do that at a later stage, so not to worry about this now.

Congratulations, you have now completed the first lesson in hand coding.