Hand Coding .websdiy

Hand Coding Excercises

In the previous 4 lessons, you'll notice that the html files were actually not complete. Besides naming them as extention html there no where else to tell the browsers that they were html files.

Here in this lesson, we'll doing a proper coding to ensure that they will be properly rendered as HTML files.

Open a new window in notepad and type this a few times.

Exercise one







Do it a few times until you are really familiar with the sequence. Even do we may not need to code this set in every web page, knowing this helps you understand an html page when you look at the source code. You really have to understand this structure before we start coding a proper web page.

Do you understand the First In Last Out sequence in this structure? Understand the order now? Whether you are coding every elements by hand or doing a copy-and-paste job, you MUST get this order right!

More especially so if you are doing copy and paste, because they are hardly done in order. If you missed this order, you web pages may look weird and you'll going to spend some time troubleshooting the codes.

We've done exercises on h1, h2, p and dl; now we'll do some exercies on ordered and unordered lists.

Exercise two






Exercise three






This may too easy and simple for those who are familiar with HTML. For those who are new, go through a few times.

In the next exercise, we'll be doing some really cool stuff...