20 reasons why your website is better than your competitors

When you've decided on your niche, try this little exercise - think of at least one reason why your website is better than your competitors before you start building your website.

Having better keywords selection may not be good enough. It may help you to rank higher for a start but eventually you will lose the race. See How to make your website better than your competitors.

First, start off with a very strong and valid reason, then increase to five, to ten. Best if you could come out with twenty in one sitting. If not, add on to your list gradually.

This will give you the reason to go on and help you get back on track when you are lost at times.

Some are clear differences why you are different, like a different approach or attacking it from a different angle or you could provide a better solution due to your experiences.

But some are goals. The truth is, a few of your competitors are indeed better. But that doesn't mean we admit to defeat without putting up a fight. They'll love it too. Competition is heathy. It spurs us to work harder. Set it as a goal, and you will rise.

At times when you are getting nothing or nowhere from your keywords, come back to read your list. You'll be able to provide better content than your competitors. In the long run, a better valued page will rise higher than an over optimized site. That I believe.

Why is websdiy different from other DIY websites

Instead of just talking about it, let me list mine. This will give you an idea how to build yours:

The First 10 Reasons why I am different:

1 HTML and CSS
If you look at the source codes of all my pages, you'll notice this difference. My HTML are coded without tabs. My CSS are coded with just a single line for each element.
2 Build on static pages not the usual WordPress
There are too many guides on How To WordPress guides
3 Build with web standard
At one point in time, my sites were built with valid xHTML sites. They may no longer be an advantage but it's always a good practice to keep up with the web standard.
4 Focus on the designing flow - leading visitors to the desired page
Based on the principle of traffic - flow - convert
5 Step-by-step guide
That's what readers are going for - the steps and not merely words.
6 Design my own template, including logo and favicon
This is useless unless I show you the next step
7 Shows you how I create my template
You learn the codes so you'll be able to customize any template.
8 Simple design without busy advertising space
The focal point is clear. Not a site cluttered with advertisements and unrelated oversized images .
9 MultiSites strategies - static or wpmu - wordpress multisites
How to use subdomains to build multisites
10 Content stored in a different folder
I haven't come across a site talking about storing content on include. It makes changing of templates, editing and merging of articles easy

The Next 10 Reasons Why I Am Better

I have added mostly negative remarks to avoid being over braggy. The truth is, those sites I am comparing with are better, popular and reputable sites. You want to get to the top, you have to compare yourself with better sites.

I'll beat them some day. But for now, I still have to tell you I am better. It's embarrasing to say but not shameful to admit - they are my yardsticks. I study and monitor their sites regularly and strife to be better than them.

On the other hand, successful sites may not be necessary better sites. The owners are aggressive marketers, excellent writers and power communicaters. As we all know, popular products may not necessary be better products. Some are the results of marketing. With that in mind, I'm sure you'll find a way to position yourself, your brand, and your website.

11 A website built with just a notepad
Hand-coding is only a skill. It does not make a site better or more valuable. Writing well is a better skill than coding.
12 SEO without over optimizing the site
There's nothing to brag about SEO. Either you are ranked higher or lower than them.
13 Larger font size - suitable for seniors
That's a thoughful consideration, but not all will like it, especially the younger audience.
14 Specially designed navigation
That's only an experiment. Again some may find it complicated.
15 Show you how to make use of php includes for ease of updates
In fact most site owners use CMS like WordPress for this reason. They are unable to handle this simple code.
16 Designed for mobile
No longer a strength. I adopt to RWD early, but almost all new templates cater for RWD or adaptive now.
17 Single column page
This may be a personal preference. I am especially fond of using single column to create websites. That doesn't mean you have to adopt it to be effective.
18 Local strategy
I emphasize this subject on my local site. Global SEO is really tough. Local domain on local hosting is the surest way to rank higher without extra effort.
19 Copy my template
This is perhaps the only site that allows you to copy my templates, and there are no hidden codes to build backlinks. Plus I show you how to customize them to make them uniquely yours.
20 Not just a register a domain and hosting guide
Most How To Build Website Guides are just selling domains and hostings. After the successful purchase, you are just asked to click a button to set up WordPress. That's it. Websdiy is a complete website do-it-yourself.


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