How to Build a Website

Before we jump straight into building a website, I have to stop you for a moment to ponder over a few questions before we proceed. Having those questions answered will help to ensure your success. Questions like:

  • Why do you want a website?
  • Are you determined to stick to the project regardless the setback you'll be facing?
  • How much time are you going to set aside if you are currently holding a job?
  • What is your current skill level and if you are starting from scratch as a beginner, how much help do you need?
  • List down more questions and answer honestly before you proceed.

Once the objectives have been determined, we can then start drafting a plan on how we would like to go about doing it.

Now, the planning will take a long time, longer than you think it would take. The plans are not final, but it gives us a road map. A direction to the small steps.

You're now clear and sure on your why's, now let's get to the how's

I'll concentrate on these 3 websites:

  • A mini site or a one-page website
  • An authority or info site
  • A free website

Of course you could build any of the 3 with a static website or a blog.

If you intend to build an authority site, of course it is possible to add a blog to it later. Yes, later. If you are a beginner, unlikely you could cope with both at the initial setup stage. There's just too much work, and the blog will become a distraction.

To build an authority site, you will want to refer to my how I build my own website where I listed out 9 simple steps for you to follow.

Which kind of website should you start with?

If you are unsure, I recommend you start with a mini-site. It requires only a few pages. Once you complete this project, it will give you the knowledge and confidence to develop it into a larger-scale website.

Be it a blog or a static website, the authority site should be the ultimate goal. Unless you achieved unbelievable success with your first one-page website that you will want to continue with building just mini-sites which are more lucrative and manageable.

It's rare, but not impossible. You can achieve success with your first mini website. The secret is to stay focused.

How about a one-page website?

And of course, if you are impatient, the easiest is to build a one-page website, which is also known as a squeeze page. Not only it's easy, it's the most effective of all web building projects.

Now, If you are very sure what you want to have a website for, now let go and build our first squeeze page...

Before You Create Your Own Website

Should you start off with getting a domain and start creating a website? You have an idea of what you want a site for.

You're very excited over your topic and feeling very sure that what you need now is to get a domain so that you quickly start setting up a website or learn how to create your own website rightaway.

But wait...

Regardless of how sure you are over your niche, pause for a moment.

It's not a good idea to begin with buying a domain to make your own website immediately. Not so soon.

While there's always this fear that the name you have in mind may be taken, that's normal; it happened to me years ago.

You do not need a domain at this stage.

You register for a domain only when you are very sure that domain is a right match for your niche.

What must you do before you start creating a website...

  • List and 3 potential site concepts
  • Research keywords for each site concept
  • Analyse each keyword for its demand and suppy.

This brainstorming session will enable you to determine your your best site concept and the best domain name.

Niche Finder and Keywords Research for your website

The first step in creating a website is to start with a research - Niche and Keywords Research.

You may be surprised to find something else even closer to your desired topic or you may even be disappointed to find that the niche you have been thinking of doesn't have a market yet.

It's not what you're thinking - you got to get in the minds of the searchers to find out what are they searching for.

Let me give you an example:

Though I have decided that this web is going to be about how I build this website, I was thinking it may be a great idea to brand my domain like a book title.

Here are my smart titles:

Let's imagine I have a list in mind:

  1. Web building without tears
  2. How I create my website
  3. My web building secret formula
  4. Learn web building from Eskay
  5. If I can code, so can you

Next I go over to Google to check on the demand of my suggested titles.

Google Keywords Planner

Take note of the numbers of searches made per month and the amount advertisers are bidding for the top advert positions:

Except for "How I create my website" which has 1,900 searches and "So Can I", 22200, the rest produced a "Not enough data".

That means if I named my domain, (if it's available), there's a good chance any one who keyed in this search phrase, I would be listed #1 on the first page on most of the search engines.

But they're not smart search phrases...

The only question I have to ask myself is, "How many would?", since Google reported not enough data.

It's easy to be number one except that I may never be found.

The strategy here is to research for a Site Concept Keyword, a keyphrase that would match the theme of the site, not a fancy book-title-like phrase.

Then, there is another consideration. It may be easy to spot the most in demand and highest bidded keyword, but will I get top ranking if I were to use them?

What about the supply?

Would life be much easier if I had the tools to estimate the supply and demand for each keyword...

To have a better understanding of this Site Concept Keyword and the tools I use for this research, you may want to take a peep at the Action Guide that I use to create this website.


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