Migrating To VPS at a2Hosting

Creating SubDomains with Webuzo

NSK.sg is a local domain. It's registered with a local reseller (Vodien) instead of NameCheap.

  1. Log into Vodien
  2. Click domain
  3. Click Manage DNS
  4. scroll to last row
  5. select A (for A Record) at scroll down menu
  6. click add
  7. just key in the subdomain name
  8. Key in the IP address
  9. Click update
  10. Now you can key in your subdomain at your brower
  11. The index file by Webuzo should show up at newly created subdomain.

Create DataBase with Webuzo

  1. login Webuzo
  2. click Enduser Panel
  3. Click Add Database
  4. Provide name at New Database (prefix not needed)
  5. Click create database user
  6. enter password
  7. add user to database
  8. click add
  9. click all for priviledges
  10. click submit changes
  11. Close the dialog box.
  12. Now you can enter the MySQL details into the configuration file (WP=config.php .

Import Database MYSQL

  1. Login into Webuso
  2. Click PHPmyAdmn
  3. or to login direct without webuzo https:example.com:

Moving WordPress to VPS

copy all wp files to the server
ftp wordpress to server
you can either so fresh install by copying latest version of WP to your server's folder for holding WP
or copy backup copy of your WP to server
I ftp backup copy and installation was not successful Possible reason - I click the blog folder before I import the database. I do not know if this caused the error. Anyway when I installed the lastest copy, it works fine.
Do not click the WP folder until you have imported the database.
Create Database
login webuzo
create database
name same as wpconfig.php
add user create password
assisn user to database
click add
dialog box appear Privileges For Database wppsnsk To User
click all and submit
click database to ensure user is assigned to database
now open wp-config.php
vps database does required prefix to database and username
remove them from wpconfig
save and upload to the folder you installed or upload wordpress
Importing posts into wordpress
wordpress to wordpress
file extention .xml
the plugin install inside import asked for ftp host, username and password
unfortanely, no matter how I tried and changing the 3 required, it just won;t work!
download from here:https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-importer/

https:// websdiy . nsk.sg / vps / YouAreHere

websdiy for site owners

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