Deciding on the best template for your website

You've done your keyword research. You've picked the best site concept for the website you are about to build. The next thing is to look for a template to start building your website, and you'll be ready for business.

And as you search the web for the best template for your niche, you may be a little confused. Free or premium templates, there're just too many to choose from.

How can you be sure you've chosen the best template for your website?

First off, let's examine the available options:

How to have the best website template for my site?

  1. Design from scratch
  2. Copy a free template from this site
  3. Download a free template

  4. Purchase a professionally designed template
  5. Join a template membership site
  6. Hire a web coder
  7. Get a total web building package

Design from scratch

Should you spend time learning how to design your website?

Don't waste time. By looking at this site's design, you know I am not focusing on the design. I can look at any design and reproduce it within a few hours, but I rather spend time building content pages and improve on the design at a later stage.

I've made this mistake before, and I believe every web owner is making the same mistake until they realized some day that it was a waste of time.

In the past, I spent weeks learning to code the layout of a template with HTML and CSS. Spent another few weeks researching which is the best layout that will help optimized my site. Wasted a few days switching the sidebar from left to right. Another few days splitting the right sidebar into 2 sidebars. and finally settled on a layout - a design known as the Holy Grail - a sidebar on the left and right and the content at the center.

It is a time-consuming and frustrating process which will not improve the website traffic in any way. Unless you are competent in HTML, CSS and PHP, I suggest you do not waste time designing your website.

Copy a template from this site

Copy a design from this website. You have the one-columm template, two-column template and three-column template to choose from. Start with a 2 column. Sure, I know my design looks boring. It is designed to be so.

The only way to convince you that a boring or simple design can do better than a professionally-designed is to build one.

There's a lack of graphics. You can add in your own. See how I insert graphic to a one-column template. Having graphic on each page is not the deciding factor on whether your buyer will make a purchase. A grapic only makes a page more appealing, provided the image is relevant.

Just focus on building pages. Once you're getting some traffic from some of the pages, you can start improving on the existing design.

You can continue to visit this site regularly and observe the gradual changes. Since day one, I've spent time only on improving the navigation. Designing the navigation is the only designing art a web owner needs to learn, perhaps mastering it. The rest is a waste of time.

Download a free template

You may have arrived at this site after some searching on the web for free templates.

If not, google for free website template, free website templates download and you'll be spoilt for choice.

Again, if you are clueless on how HTML and CSS works, you may have the best template in your possession, yet equally clueless how to do with it.

These are some of the templates I like:

Buy a professional template

If the above package doesn't appeal to you, what you need is just a professionally-designed template to build your website, this is worth taking a look. Thousands of web template to choose from, there are bound to be more than one that will suit your selection.


More than one template needed

If you hate the idea of sticking to one template for your website, this site is worth your consideration. By signing up as a member, you get to use a few templates for your website.

If you are one of those who prefer to choose from a few designs to determine which is the right template for you niche or site theme, join a template membership. That gives you the freedom of choosing more than one without paying for a hefty sum.

DreamTemplate - Web Templates

Hire a coder

I talk about this throughout this site - A stunning web design will not increase traffic to your website. It may hold a visitor stays longer appreciating your piece of artwork. That's all. It will not increase traffic. It will not convert more readers into buyers.

On the contrary, you may loose some traffic if your pages are taking too long to load - those who choose not to wait for the page to load will click back to somewhere else instead.

If you have good, original and helpful content, a nice design will help your readers stay longer on your site. If you use recycled articles on a beautifully-designed website, you'll still be dropped by most search engines, especially Google.

I suggest you hire a web designer only if your site is attracting traffic but losing readers due to your design.

I've offered this service before.

I charge a standard rate of $75 a page. If you are willing to spend $375 for 5 pages, I am more happy to earn that kind of money. But understand this - it will not help in your online business. It is not a wise investment if you considered it as an investment to justify your spending.

I've a hard time explaining to new website owners - a custom design template will not improve your site's ranking. HTML5 will not help your webpages rank higher than non-HTML5 pages. Tableless pages will not be ranked higher than table-based pages. I wished there were some advantages since I am a hand-coder. But unfortunately, it is not going to make any difference to your search ranking.

I no longer offer this service for 2 reasons:

  • I need to spend more time building this website.
  • I can help you succeed online with instructions provided by this website, but not by providing a coding service for custom template.

You have a good chance of getting a lower code at rent a coder.

Think about this seriously, if you are willing to spend $400 to engage someone to build 5 pages, chances are, you belong to one of these two categories:

  • You are an experienced marketer and obviously you know what you are doing.
  • You are a total newbie and you need help in your online business, not just help in selecting the best template for your website.

After spending $400 to engage someone to help you with a few pages, your success is still close to zero.

You'll be better off investing $400 for the next 2 years in a web building system that will save you years of frustration, shorten your years of learning curve, ensuring your online success...

The Web Business Succes System - SBI

This is the only package I highly recommend.

Ignore this if you'll just looking for a template, if your concern is about how your site will look and not anything else, as you'll be disappointed.

This recommendation is for those who are looking for something beyond a website template...

It is a complete Website DIY System. This is the only program that will help you succeed in your online business.

The integrated tools and support means you'll need not look any further for any resources, free or paid, besides what's offered by this company. You'll thank me for recommending you this web building system.

Nowhere else in cyberspace will you come across a intergrated program that will help you succeed in your online business. Building website, yes. Providing free templates, yes. But not a web building system that will help you succeed online in your first attempt.

Of course, you'll get free template. But it's not the template that will increase your traffic and profits. It's a revolutionary web-building process you cannot afford to miss. Just go in and see for yourself.

I won't recommend any others.

To summarize,

There are 7 ways to get your best web template for your website.

If you looking for free template, go for 1-3.

If you prefer premium template for your website, choose in in 4-6.

If you are looking beyond template, a total web building solution, go for 7.

These are the 7 ways to get your template, but there's only one way to ensure your online success. The choice is yours...

  1. Designed from scratch
  2. Copy a template from this site
  3. Download a free template

  4. Purchase a professionally designed template
  5. Download 1000's of web templates. Unlimited access!
  6. Hire a web coder
  7. Get a total web building solution package
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