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This is the section where web building gets interesting.

This is where you decide on the look-and-feel of your website. As webmaster and web owner, you can get carried away and spend too much time on this area instead of focusing on providing content.

My advice is, for a start, just grab any template and start building. This is one area where you could spend as much time as researching keywords but ends up building only a few pages but keep searching for the best template.

Simple Site vs Stunning Site

In the past, I have spent so much time to code the template looking right, only to discard it later for another better template. By looking better, it may not necessary serves the readers better. It just makes me feel better that it's now looking better, more professional...

But to a reader searching for an answer, it may not had served them better. If you cannot find the pages you need, the improvements were wasted. If you find the writings unclear, messy and hard to follow, you would still go to a better site, not necessary to a better-looking site.

Templates, templates, everywhere

If you are looking for a free template to start with, which you should, just pick one and start from there. Once you have a better understanding of how HTML coding works, then you could customize it into your very own unique template.

Having an outstanding template is good, but not that important. A successful site is not determined by it's look-and-feel.

There are many successful sites which are still stuck to their first template and doing extremely well, while those which keep improving their look-and-feel have not advanced much after their continued upgrading of their templates.

The reason is simple - people come for the content, not for how good your site looks. Once you get this right, the traffic will improve.

How to steal or copy templates from this site?

Choose the type of template you like: one-column, two-colum or three-column.

This is the method permitted only on this site. Don't do this to other sites, no matter how much you like their template. Get written permission. Never assume it's okay to copy for your own use. It is an act of stealing, but not on this site, since I'm giving permission to do so.

There are 2 methods

  • copy from view source
  • download

Downloading is straight forward. In any standard form of downloading files is we packed all the files in zip format. You download, unzip and start using them.

There are more steps in copying from view source. Also, you won't get the actual coding of some template because I use php "includes." It is a command in a file that calls another file, like the header, the sidebar and the footer.

I'll explain in details at how to copy my web template.

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