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SBI Action Guide -
Follow the steps to ensure your success in building a website

The Site-Build-It Action Guide by is probably the only Website DIY action guide you ever need to build a website.

You need not refer to this site or any other sites on web building guide once you follow the SBI action guide...

What I Learned from the SBI Action Guide

While I was preparing the materials for the step-by-step guide, I decided to reread the action guide to "steal" some materials.

And as I read (I've read this many times before), I realized I have had so many "misses" in the past. I got to slow down to read seriously instead of the usual speed scanning.

I cannot help but thinking, I misses so many sub-steps while building 2 sites with SBI. What would the 2 sites become if I didn't missed any steps?

The SBI action guide won't be available for long. It will no longer be available for public access but available to subscribers only.

To force myself to read every word, I decided to take notes. But instead of taking notes, I was doing more lifting than writing.

So this may actually be an extract of the action guide or my little red book.

And you too, my friend, don't just read. Take notes.

If you prefer the video version. Watch it and take notes too.

Never start building your website before having a thorough understanding of this action guide.

Honestly, I can't write a better guide than this, and I never will. What I can do is follow the steps and tell you how I build mine without the tools that are available exclusively only to those who subscribed to the system - SBI.

Which web building model should you choose from? The choice is yours, and I believe you'll make a wiser choice to guarantee your online success before reaching the last day of the action guide.

After going through the notes, you can say that while it appears I am doing this for you, I was actually doing it for myself.

Shortly after this DIY Web Building section was completed, SBI made the SBI Action Guide accessible to subscribers only. So, those links that lead to the 10-day steps to build your own website are no longer valid.

I have always wondered all these year why such a detailed web-building guide was made free to the public while other paying ebooks and programs do not measured to a fraction of what the action guide was offering.

However, when it was free, few took it seriously. I know, because for years, I have directed several friends and readers to the free action guide and few followed it closely. They just scan through the first few days and took no action.

Knowledge is of no value if one is not willing to do the work to make it happens. So why removed it from public viewing?

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The SiteBuildIt Action Guide is no longer free...

I quote the founder, Mr Ken Evoy, as published in the forum:

And the AG, bottom line, is too valuable to "give away." It's constantly worked on, kept up to date, has 4 formats (Condensed, Written, Video and Mobile) and should belong only to SBIers as the valuable resource that it is. The AG itself is another one of those resources that, alone, is worth the price of SBI!.

I agreed totally. It is also fairer to all the subscribers who paid for the program.

If you had bought any ebooks or programs on web-building, I'm sure you would arrive at the same conclusion after making a fair comparison.

For any ebook on web-building which we have purchased, we hardly get an update. The SBI action building guide has gone through several updates, and was offered free to the public all these years.

After all, besides the web building guide, the forum goes hand-in-hand with the building process. When you needed help, you have someone to help you out no matter how silly the question or mistake was.

The forum is a community that you won't find it anywhere else in cyberspace. You'll love the helpful and positive environment.

After all, few readers took it seriously. And even if they did, it would be impossible to build an effective website similar to the SBI website without the tools provided. In fact, it would be a frustrating process.

SBI has made every tool integrated into the system seamlessly that what it takes is only the click of a button. You as the web builder only concentrates on writing the content. That what a DIY web building software should be. Remove the technicality so that you could focus on what you should be focusing on.

Don't take my word for it. Try it out and see for yourself. Sign up for the trial to see how easy and powerful the system is.

And if you are really serious on building a successful online business, which I'm sure you are, try it out. If you had followed the steps closely and your website didn't work or you couldn't figure out where you had gone wrong, withdraw. Ask for a refund.

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There isn't a better system than SBI...

If you can succeed with SBI, you can succeed with any ordinary hosting. Once you understand the concept, the tools, the skills, and the hard work, you know you can succeed with any ordinary hosting. It's harder without the tools, but it can be done.

But with all the integrated tools, the system and you still can't succeed with SBI, then I may want to say, it's may not the system, it may be your attitude. But then again, it may have nothing to do with your attitude, it may be an area that needs correction or improvement.

What I do on this website is to help reader like you to build a website. That's what I am good at, and I am confident of your success - in building a website.

But building a web business, you need to rely to the complete SBI system - to get it right the first time - and succeed financially.