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My SBI Experience

I built 2 sites with SBI back in 2004 and both are still getting good traffic till today, though I have moved both out for different reasons.

The knowledge and experience gained with SBi was really invaluable. It helped me to plan carefully how I want to develop my sties outside SBI. The research, brainstorming, the content writing and all other stuff needed to build a successful website.

Especially how I want to present my site differently if the niche had a few strong competitors. A different approach means getting the pages ranked higher with other keywords instead of trying head-on hoping to overtake the current leaders.

Of course, it is possible now with newer keywords tools on the market, but in the earlier days, there were none. Even if there were, they cost much more than what I have to pay for the SBI integrated system.

Few year ago, 2004 to be exact, I built a website for my club to replace our printed newsletter.

The project took 3 years to complete. Or rather, the web was done within a few months but it took me 3 years to develop it – till it meets its objectives:

  • The online objective of converting casual surfers to club visitors/guests
  • The offline objective of converting visitors to club members.

The success of online recruitment was so unheard of that I was invited to share my experience to 200 other club officers.

At the end of the talk, I told the audience, “I’ve told you how I test, track and tweet until it works. But what you’ve heard are just words. In order to make your web works, you’ve got to take action.”

However big the dream, success comes after taking daily action.
Web building, like any other business, the initial setup was really hard work.

I had since passed the domain and the control of the website to the club
Today, with no further effort on my part, the web continues to recruit more members to the club, breaking the record I set previously in 2007.

It took me 3 years for the web I built to see result. The time taken would be much reduced had I paid more attention to the Site Build It! Action Guide.

Follow the guide closely and you’ll succeed.
Everything that’s needed to be done, every little step to ensure success is detailed in the action guide.
Every tool needed in building your web is integrated in the system.

Slowly, your website will overtake your competitors and climbs it’s way to the top.

Is SiteSell right for you

SiteSell is a surer way to succeed online. Yet it is not for everyone.
Those who prefer to upload via FTP, meddle with PHP and CGI, couldn’t stand sitesell for another minute.

It does not have any of those. SSI is done differently. If you do not understand any of these acronyms, fret not. They are for those who prefer regular hosting. But SBI is not web hosting.

It does not require you to know any of those technical nitty-gritty at the web building stage. It takes care of those complicated stuff that what you do is to concentrate on content building after initial keywords and niche research.

When I first joined sitesell, I couldn’t stand it either. All my other sites were built using xhtml and CSS. And every of my pages validates. Yet when sitesell processed it, it became invalid.

But the wonderful thing was, some pages went up to number one position in Google and stayed there for years!

Reasons for moving out...

As more people came to the club and claimed they found us online, some members were interested in how I did it. I formed a team of webmasters to assist me and at the same time transfer the knowledge to them.

Ironically, none were interested in reading the Action Guide. Most of them knew web designing and FTP. After logging in once, they didn't want to log in again as updating was difficult without first understanding how SBI function.

Another complain was the price was too high. I was the sponsor and the webmaster and I didn't make any claim from the club for any fees incurred. All monies were paid out of my own pocket, but I kept the earnings from Adsense myself and they were enough to cover the annual fees.

However to avoid further suspicion that I was profiting from a non-profit site any further, I removed the advertisements, moved the site to a local hosting (for $120) and handed the site to the club.

Go google “create instant logo”, “create free instant logo”, “free instant logo” and see what’s the result on your side.
That’s another of my site built with SBI.

Besides the guide, the SBIers seek help and share their experience in the members-only forum, a SiteSell community you’ll enjoy becoming part of.
I log in occasionally to help those who need help in CSS and HTML.

Reasons for moving out...

I got both sites during the SBI's 2 for price of one promotion. It was too much for me to build a 2nd site few months after the first site when I was still a newbie. The passion was right but something else was unexpected. I couldn't handle any graphic software except Window's Paint. But I was not satisfied with logos done with a simple program. I could design a logo on paper, but I couldn't produce it on screen.

After 15 pages or so, I stopped working on the site and hardly added a page over the next few years but there were 2 pages that stopped at a top spot for several years. It has slipped to the 5th position or so and I continue to earn an income from the site without further maintanence.

My Next SBI Project

The only tool I really need and rely on frequently is the Keyword Tool. It is something I used not only for my SBI sites. I used it to research for projects outside SBI.

Now, having the experience of building websites for so many years, I know now what's crucial at the initial stage. Having the right tools to research thoroughly to have a blueprint before I embark on another website.

Currently, all the sites I am working on are targeted at local audience with a .sg domain which are easier to rank higher with the search engines even without much keywords research.

My next site with SBI will be a global site with a micro niche. I have the idea in mind but will have to rely on the tools of SBI to ensure that I get the right targeted traffic. Though I am depending on the The Google Keyword Planner, but it is more catered for Google Adwords advertisers. What I really need is a more reliable tool like the SBI keywords tools to dig out more effective keywords. To instanly provide the supply and demand.

I know I'll have to rely on Site Build It to ensure it's success...

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