Site Build It

Websdiy step-by-step guide

The 10-Day Action Guide Step by Step

What is Site Build It!("SBI!")?

Let's first look at the BIG picture

  • The key is to build targeted TRAFFIC by delivering excellent CONTENT that is related to the theme of your site.
  • Invest more time in the first 5 days:
    • Find a niche that you know and love.
    • Identify profitable topics within that niche.
    • Lay out the "Content blueprint" for site, including your perfect domain name.
  • DAYs 1-5 -- prepare until you have a complete plan and perfect domain name.
  • Brainstorming is:
    • Think. Plan. Consider. Research. Adjust. Then...
    • Rinse and Repeat.
  • If you rush, you will fail.
  • Set a realistic work schedule that will allow you to do your best, no matter what time of the day... or night that happens to be. Then stick to it!
  • Each DAY begins with an overview that outlines the core Action Steps you must complete before you move on to the next DAY.
  • The very best way to force SBI! to work is to let the Action Guide lead you cleanly every step of the way. No short cuts. Follow the Guide, DAY by DAY, step by step.

Results of following the Action Guide?

Day 1
Your DAY 1 goal is understand the C > T > P > M process

Master These Basics

Know how and why PREselling, not selling, is what maximizes profits.

So many small businesses fail because they just "put up a site." And then, a year or so later, they say "Nah... the Web didn't do anything for me!" These owners failed to recognize the fundamental reality of how people use the Net.

  • Understand the CTPM process
  • Understand the difference "Preselling" and "Selling".
  • Your #1 priority is to PREsell through the delivery of the information that visitors seek.
  • The net sum of all the information on all your pages forms the Content of your site.
  • If you get the keywords "right" on your page and if you have great content, you will have substantial, evergrowing traffic!
  • Slow down. Prioritize. Do one simple step at a time.
  • Read and digest the 3 important steps.

What exactly is CTPM?

Day 2
Your DAY 2 goal is to find your best Site Concept

Find and Develop Your Best Site Concept

The rest of your business rides on your choice of Site Concept.

Here is how you will get to your Best Site Concept...

  1. Create a list of potential Site Concepts and choose your top 3
  2. Use Brainstorm It! to:
    • brainstorm keywords for your top 3 Site Concepts
    • Analyze their Value Demand and Real Supply.
  3. Evaluate the following factors for each Site Concept...
    • Overall Profitability Based on Keyword Research Results
    • Your Available Time
    • Knowledge
    • Passion
    • Theme "Sexiness"
    • Monetization Potential
    • Niche Depth
  4. Use Niche Choose It! to confirm the best potential Site Concept for you.

At the end of DAY 2, do a quick review of the Business-Building Checklist.

Which are the tools that are available to those in the SBI?

Day 3
Your DAY 3 goal is to fully brainstorm and research your chosen Site Concept to develop your Site Content Blueprint

Brainstorm Profitable Topics for Your Best Site Concept

  • Build a superb list of quality keywords related to your Site Concept (i.e., topics related to your niche).
    • We call them Specific Keywords because each one will become the topic of a Keyword-Focused Content Page (KFCP).
    • Your list will also include General Keywords (ones with a general focus, but that are related to your site's niche).
    • Know how much demand exists for each of those keywords, and how much real competition you face for each one.
    • Organize it all into a blueprint for your site's content ("Site Content Blueprint").

Site Structure

3-TIER Structure Summary

3 tiers site structure

The home page crowns the pinnacle. It's a Keyword-Focused Content Page that focuses on your Site Concept Keyword. And here's a critical error that many small businesses online (not you, though) make...

Your home page should never link out of your site -- it's too early. The only exception is when you monetize (ex., through Google AdSense). Your home page's main structural job is to link to approximately 5-15 TIER 2 KFCPs.

Each TIER 2 page should be a good "hub" page, working well as a logical link from the home page and naturally linking to 5-15 TIER 3 pages (which are related but more specific in nature, usually a subcategory of the TIER 2 subject matter). It's an added bonus if a TIER 2 also has high Demand (with reasonable Supply) and solid monetizability.

The TIER 3s? If TIER 1 is the trunk of a tree and your TIER 2s are its branches, then TIER 3s are the leaves. In the same way leaves fill our planet with oxygen, all those TIER 3s add up and fill your coffers with dollars.

Find out how you can build a website that works for your business.

Day 4
Your DAY 4 goal is to fully investigate and plan the monetization models for your upcoming site

Investigate and Plan Monetization Options

C T P M Finally... It's M time!

Here is how to evaluate, investigate, weigh and plan the monetization mix of your site. In short, profitability will not depend on luck...

  • Assess your theme's AdSense potential using Brainstorm It!'s "Get Google $" tool.
  • Review the Monetization HQ articles, identifying "best-fit" monetization models.
  • Explore the SBI! Monetization Forums.
  • Use Search It!.
  • Use a very special Brainstorm It! tool... Site Info.
  • "Finalize" your Monetization Mix.

You are the Next Case Studies

Day 5
Your DAY 5 goal is to refine your domain name choice based on some final considerations, and then register your perfect domain name

Refine Your Site Concept and Register Your Domain Name

Major decision time! So take your time while you...

Refine your Site Concept and register your domain name...

  1. Make key decisions.
    • What's the VPP?
    • What's the spin?
    • How narrow do you go?
    • Other considerations?
  2. Read MYCPS!, vital for PREselling and VPP selection.
  3. Final evaluation... Loop back, if necessary.
  4. Ready? Name that domain!
    • key elements of a good domain
    • when to use dashes
    • make sure it's legal
    • final checks
  5. Register your domain.
  6. Important SBI! Resources and Final Advice Before DAY 6

Take the Video Tour

Day 6
Your DAY 6 goal is to create a site that pleases both your human visitors and the Search Engines. This is where you start the C T P M snowball rolling by writing content designed to "get the click!"

Build a Site That Gets the Click

Success is all about preparation. And boy, have you prepared! Get ready to build a site that works!

  • DAYs 6-10 -- build the actual CTPM site that gets found by all those highly targeted surfers who are searching for your keywords. Grow and monetize it.
  • Plan your site's structure and content pyramid-style.
  • Begin with block-by-block SiteBuilder OR upload your own HTML?
  • Create a professional "Look & Feel."
  • Build (and edit) your home page. Verify ownership at Google, Yahoo! Search and Bing. Submit your sitemap to Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Ask.
  • Build (and edit) your footer.
  • Load up two SBI! libraries. Save three for later.
  • Build (and edit) a TIER 2 page. Link back to the home page.
  • Organize your site's navigation.
  • Build (and edit) a TIER 3 page. Link to it from a TIER 2. Link back to the TIER 2 and to the home page.
  • Use Special File Manager and other tools to upload e-books, audio files, a favicon, and other special files you may need

Compare Feature-By-Feature And Then Dollar-For-Dollar

Day 7
Your DAY 7 goal is to build your own free traffic

What Are The Free Traffic Building Techniques?

Traffic is the lifeblood of any business. Big companies with big brands and huge budgets might be able to buy their way to prominence.

But most small-small business owners simply do not have the marketing budget to overpower the Web. So you must build free targeted traffic right into the site, using the C T P engine to drive it forward.

  • Add Content 2.0 invitations to some of your pages.
  • Work the free major Search Engines.
  • Understand why "tweaking" is a low-yield exercise.
  • Build a quality links program to improve your link popularity.
  • Seed a buzz through link-building. Work your niche.
  • Build a quality links program to improve your link popularity.
  • Seed a buzz through link-building. Work your niche.

Find out how you can build a website that works for your business.

Day 8
Your DAY 8 goal is to build a quality, long-term, repeat-exposure relationship with your visitors/customers so that they will happily return to your site frequently... and monetize!

Build Relationships... Deepen PREselling

Create opportunities for repeat exposure...

  • Understand the value of Content through repeat exposure.
  • Site-Blog... it's the perfect small business compromise.
  • Prime the relationship pump by adding Socialize It! to your pages, and using Form Build It! to add contact and autoresponder options.
  • Publish an e-zine and communicate with your customers by e-mail.
  • Take relationship-building to the next level with Content 2.0.
  • Use Infin It! to add a blog, forum, membership system or other relationship builder.

Click here to find out more about SBI! 2.0

Day 9
Your DAY 9 goal is to get to "know" your visitors by using SBI!'s traffic-reporting tools in the TrafficCenter of Site Central (Traffic Stats, Click Through/Click IN Analysis)

Know Your Visitors

Knowledge is power.

Traffic knowledge gives you the power to boost income.

  • Analyze your "big picture" Traffic Stats.
  • Explore Click Through Analysis.
  • Explore Click IN Analysis.

Analyze if you are targeting the right traffic. Targeted traffic gives you the targeted audience. The people that were searching for you.

Untargeted traffic brings in the wrong audience which will result in increased bounzed rate.

Knowing your visitors gives you the opportunity to establish a long-term relationship. The opportuniy to recommend them the best products which are the best solution to their problems.

Know your visitors. And they too, will want to know you better.

Let SBI shows you the Proof

Day 10
Your DAY 10 goal is to begin implementing your DAY 4 Monetization plan

Monetize & Monetize It!

Here's how you will implement your Monetization Plan and learn to use the powerful Monetize It!...

  1. Decide if it's the right time to Monetize.
  2. Review, improve, and implement your Monetization Plan.
  3. Use Monetize It! to do one or more of the following...
    • Create new content for certain high-value keywords that you do not yet cover.
    • Sell advertising ("sell keywords high") through Google AdSense and similar programs, even sell your own advertising directly!
    • Build Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaigns ("buy keywords low") at the major Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising program, Google AdWords.
  4. Keep moving forward on the C T P M path... tortoise style.
  5. Never Stop Learning... SBI! Bookmarks.

See how SBI works for them, let's examine some case studies