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Some editing tips

Editing multiple files in Notepad++

  1. Open window explorer
  2. Point to the folder you want to open
  3. select files to edit on the right pane
    1. Control-A to select all
    2. Control-click(mouse)/touchpad to select indivual files
    3. Shift-click(mouse)/touchpad to select group of files
  4. Right click
  5. Select edit with notepad++
  6. All files selected will be opened simultenesly.
  7. After you've completed the editing for each file
  8. Contol-S to save
  9. Contol-W to close the current window.
  10. Repeat till the last document.

Editing a bunch of text like changing all the <p> to <li>

  1. Control-F and fill in <p>
  2. Click Replace and fill in <li>
  3. Click Replace All

If only some but not all of the p in the file require changes:

  1. copy text you want to change
  2. Control-N to open new window
  3. Control-V to paste
  4. Repeat step 1 till 3
  5. When done, copy and paste the amended text to source file.