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Website Project Planning - Do This Step Right To Ensure Long Term Success...

What to Plan in Web Site Planning?

If you seriously want to build a website that works, plan. Take time to plan ahead.

If you look at the menu to the right, you'll notice the first 5 steps involve website planning.

The success of your website depends much on how committed you are to the building of your website. But regardless of how committed you are, building without a plan, a site blueprint and a roadmap will result in definite failure. You'll spend more time repairing than building it.

What's the objective of your Website?

What do you want a website for?

What was it that you want to achieve?

Take time to analyse your website goals. Having clear goals help you to push forward regardless of whatever challenges you'll be encountering along the way.

Knowing what to do, what to expect helps you stayed on track. Without which, you may be tempted by the get-rich-quick schemes which promised you shortcuts that will most definitely make the vendors richer but you poorer.

Which is the best web building model

Chasing after the latest tool and the "secret formula" is the surest way to fail. It will most likely put you back to the starting point.

That's the reason why I keep referring to the SBI Action Guide throughout this site. One significant difference would be the integrated tools. But there's more to that. There are many other advantages which I'll highlight along the way. Read it carefully. Invest in a system which helps you get the job done.

My method works. That's because I modelled after the SBI Action Guide. Yes I copy it, but without the benefits of those integrated tools, so I have to depend ot 3rd party tools which are more costly and encumblesome. And some tools are not that user friendly. They require learning and practise to fully tab on it's power.

I have tested many other methods all these years.

There may be a better system out there which I am not aware of. I compare only those I know and those that I've used.

I can only conclude that SBI is the surest way to succeed.

Whichever system you choose to adopt, stick to it till you succeed.

What to Prepare?

Prepare for success. Be prepared to work hard.

If you have to quit, read my "not step 10" to quit.

Tools for web building

If you joined the SBI, all tools are being provided for. You just build your site.

If you follow my method, I provide links to tools for download.

For website planning and preparation, you'll need a Word Processor and a Spreadsheeet. If you do not have Microsoft Office, then download a free copy of OpenOffice. I am usng both: MS Office 97 and Open Office Suite 2.31. Yes it's not a typo, I use MS Office 97. I need only Words to type a document and the Excel spreadsheet to record some data so I've never upgrade all these years.

The next five steps are about website planning

And the remaining 4 steps are about carrying out the plan. Success is not guaranteed even if you planned long and hard enough. But without a plan, you'll be wondering why it didn't work.

What To Do Before You Start Building Your First Web Page

Get the first webstep right...

Most new web owners got this step wrong: and that is to begin with registering a domain, get a host, or if possible a free host, look for a free template and start building a website.

That's nothing wrong with getting a free template but beginning with a domain name without research and planning may not be a wise move.

While it's true that good domain name is hard to come by nowadays, there's no need to grab it right away, fearing it'll be gone the next moment.

In fact if you are new in web building, it may take you at least 2 weeks in research and another 2 weeks into planning. Yes, plan long enough. the domain name can come later.

One of the reasons is, when your planning is done, the domain name you have registered might not fit into your site theme and concept.

The Action Guide

Throughout this site, I'll repeatly refer to a web-building action guide - SBI Action Guide. I've been reading books and online guides on web building all these years and none comes close to this guide.

In most cases, books provide better guide than online guides. Books focus on showing the methods while online guides are more targeted towards recommending products.

There are right ways to build a website, and there are also wrong ways to build a website.

Reading the Action Guide once will give you a basic understanding of what make a site works.

For website owner
If you already own a web read the Action Guide to improve your site or to helps you build your next site.
For prospective website owner
If you have been thinking of building a website, the Action Guide helps you to find your site concept and shows you the step-by-step way of building one yourself.

Do it right the first time

Do it right, right from the start and save yourself the agony of repairing your website at a later stage.

I cannot overemphasize this enough: Read the SBI Web Building Action Guide seriously before you start building your website, before buying a domain.


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