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Web Site Theme Concept Planning and Storyboarding

Site concept

Having compiled the master keyword list, I have shortlisted a few key phrases to form my site theme concept.

Before the keyword research, it had never occured to me that "Make you own website" is such in demand.

If I were to brainstorm without keyword tools, I may have settled on 'How to build a website" than "Make your own website."

With proper research, it makes decision much easier:

keywords			demand		supply
Build your own website		135,000		370,000,000
Create your own website		165,000		554,000,000
Design your own website		 49,500		350,000,000
Make your own website		165,000		407,000,000

"Design your own website" is out as designing is not my strength, but it can be considered if I want my domain name to be "webs-bcd" or "webs-abcd," depending on what I could come out with for the letter A.

There is another option for my to decide: Should it "make your own website" or "make your own websites"?

keyword				demand		supply
"Make your own website"		165,000		177,000
"Make your own websites"	165,000		5490

The demand shows the same figure for plural and singular, but I believe most would search for singular. What that is worth paying to is the difference in documents indexed between singular and plural. "Websites" is less then 5% of "Website."

Since this site is new, I'll have to go to where there's less competiton. Better to be #1 with 5,000 searches per month than gets nothing out of 165,000 searches. If I can't compete with 5000 web pages, there's no way I could beat 100 thousand pages.


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