Which Kind of Website You Can Build ?

With close to 40 types of websites mentioned in Wikipedia, there's no lack on types of websites you can build.

Types of Web Sites

For a start, I suggest choose and focus on any of these 3 models:

  • An Information Website
  • A Blog
  • A 1 Page Website

A static HTML website

This is the type of web building I recommend. I recommend a time-tested and highly successful manual for you to follow - The SBI Action Guide.

Besides the action guide, I provide a record of how I build this website for you to build one like the SBI without the integraded tools enjoyed by those building with SBI.

My highest recommendation goes to the SBI model.

Copy mine if you enjoy the building process, like working on a jigjaw puzzle. You are all on your own. Help is slso available throughout the web; but some are more interested in selling you their products than helping you build a web that works. Be warned in advance.

A blog

  • It may appear the blog is now more popular than the good old static page website.
  • Easy to setup. Everything can be setup with a push of a button. Plugins add power to your blog without you having to understand how the engine works.
  • If done correctly, it can replace a full-scale website and does even better.
  • Takes discipline to stay focused on site theme with daily or regular blogging.

One page website

This is typically an Internet Marketer's website.

There's only 1 page to show to the public, the rest of the pages are there just to improve the quality score.

Only 1 page is shown and it's objective is to capture leads. Selling is then done through email marketing.

The focus is on bringing in traffic. Main activitiy is on crafting and broadcasting emails.


Any of the above 3 models works. The key is to stay focus.

Know your objective - be clear about what you want to achieve:

  • Want to build a business online? Stay away from the noises, stay away from the distraction that can keep you confused and lost for years. Investigate the only web building model I highly recommend throughout this site - SBI Action Guide.
  • Enjoy blogging? Download a copy of WordPress or auto build inside your host's control panel. Or Build one free online go signup WordPress.com or Blogger.com
  • Affiliate marketing through Email marketing? Build a 1-page-website.

The Kind of Website I Want to Build

You may have come across websites that you've got to try so hard to concentrate reading the stuff the site has to offer.

It was great stuff, but the owner put up so much distraction on the page it was almost impossible to read without closing the popup, staying blind to the advertising banners at the sidebar and skipping those advertising text that interrupt the flow of the content.

They were so annoying that if there was another site that offers that same stuff, you would have want to leave immediately. While those are only the designing aspects, there are other areas which I wish to achieve. I listed them below for your reference . I'm sure you have more to add.

My perfect website

Target Audience
Anyone who wants to learn how to build a website from scratch
Basic requirements
Knows how to operate a computer
Knows how to download and open a file
Knows how to use a web browser
Design objective
Simple, minimal, fast-loading, and validates
Easy to navigate
No blinking, no marquee, no excessive advertisments
No distraction
Minimum graphics
Not a crowded, unfocused, busy page
Every page provides a clear focal point
Flexible or liquid
Changes according to content, not a one-size-fits-all template
Different layouts for different subtopics - templates for my readers to download and use freely
Easy to find, easy to read, easy to follow
Webpage tested with:
Firefox 3.6.11
Chrome 7.0.517.41
Tools / software needed:
Open Office
Hosting requirement
Run on Linux
Must have PHP, MySQL, Cpanel, Fantastico


Build Website
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0 build my website
1 website planning
2 research keywords
3 pick website concept
4 site blueprint
5 search for domain names
6 templates designing
7 create my webpage
8 website marketing
9 maintain website
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