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Web Site Storyboard and Site Blueprint


The website storyboard should be done before searching for a domain name. That will help me to summarize my site theme and concept into a domain name.

The initial storyboard was:

  1. Make Your Own Website
  2. Create your own website
  3. Build your own website
  4. Design your own website
  5. Promote your own website
  6. Maintain your own website

In her book "101 Ways to Promote Your Tourism Business Web," Susan Sweeney says:

Storyboarding Your Web Site

The storyboard is the foundation of your Web Site. Consider it the architectural plan or blueprint of your site. It should show you, on paper, the first draft of the content and layout of your site. It gives you the chance to review the layout and make changes before development begins. Site Storyboard and Site Blueprint

I found an expired domain

When I was into about 20 pages built on an existing domain, I found an expired domain - websdiy.com.

Domain name was right for me and I could just transfer all pages to the new domain and continue building and do a slight change to the site theme: "Website do-it-yourself" would natually fit into the new domain instead of "make your own website."

While reworking on the storyboard, I discovered I could present it with a new twist. And so I spent another 2 weeks reworking on the Tier 2 keywords and site structure.

Besides the existing create, build, design, promote, and maintain, I would like to include the various common methods of building a website. And so a new storyboard was created for my new domain.

A new site theme

  1. Website Do It Yourself
  2. How to build a website
  3. How I build this website
  4. How to build a website for free
  5. How to build a 1 page website
  6. How to build a blog

Both storyboards could fit into either site theme, but the new domain portrays a clearer picture.

If a new domain was not found, the new storyboard would never have been developed. I am pleased with this new development and I do not mind spending extra time on new site sturcture. I am confident that this site will do well.

Again, that's the the importance of spending time on planning and looking for a domain only after the site theme is complete. I didn't commit to any domain that's available. Looking for the right domain name requires patience and a little luck.

Meanwhile, continue to work on the website storyboard and blueprint. The logical flow will make designing the navigation for the website easy.


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