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How I search for Domain Names

This article reveals how I search for domain names.

Searching for a name :

  • That is easy to remember and recall
  • That reflects the site theme and the nature of the business or is brandable
  • Visitors can type directly into the address bar without having to do a search
  • That is less than 10 characters long without hyphen.

The search for the perfect domain name

I spent a considerable amount of time searching for domain names, doing my search mainly on Instant Domain Search and NameCheap.com.

I use InstantDomainSearch for a quick search and NameCheap to order my domains.

InstantDomainSearch is very fast. You don't even have to hit the enter key. That's because Instant Domain Search does not rely on real time data scanning but instead searches on it's own database.

In fact, hitting return will open up its default ordering site - GoDaddy.com. And in most cases, I will hit the return key just to confirm that it was not available. If it was, I would register right away!

The results provided by this site is not very accurate though. For short domains names which were shown as available, they were actually not. The results on most of the .biz and .co were also not accurate.. Similarly, results on dot com with less than 5 letters word that make any sense were actually not available but were sometimes shown as available.

My other reason for using instantdomainsearch is because I prefer to search for names without hitting the return key. I do not want to search for a domain name with a site that store records of my search.

In some cases, I may want to wait for a day or two to think it over or to spend some time searching for other alternatives. That time lapse may give them the time to grab it ahead of me or to offer those names as suggestions to their users.

The reason I am using NameCheap is because I am using it to manage all my domains.

The search for domain names

Some of the names that I came up with were:

  1. WebBuildingGuide | BuildingWebPages |
  2. websbcd - build create design
  3. webfocus
  4. webscraft
  5. webshand
  6. EskayWebs | WebsRay

The Domain Name Selection Process

1 WebBuildingGuide happens to be my first choice, but I felt it was a little too long. A shorter name would be ideal.

2 WebsBCD - short and brandable. Webs is the only keyword

3 WebFocus - I'll need to rework on the site theme if I were to take this as my domain name. It will be focusing on the things to do while buiding a website.

4 & 5 WebsCraft and WebsHand - If I were to focus on coding by hand. I have a pretty good idea on how I want to monetize my site. However if the site theme is on coding by hand, I'll need to research further for monetization ideas. It would be ideal if I am prepared to offer my service which I am not.

6 Other Stupid Ideas - These are some of my silly ideas. However ridiculous, I do not ruled them out. Just let the ideas flow, usually they'll lead to something else more interesting. If I suppressed them, at the back of my mind, there'll always be a nagging voice, "What about EskayWeb, or SKweb, or SKayWeb..." It good to have my name in my domain name, but this is more suitable for blogs. More about this later.

Then I found websdiy.com

As I searched further, I came across websdiy.com which was still available. It came as a surprise as most unlikely such a short domain name would be available. It turns out to be an expired domain since 2006.

Since it was an expired domain, I'll need to conduct further check to ensure that it was not black-listed or banned by any search engine.

Checked with these 2 sites - BannedCheck and IsBanned both confirmed it was OK:

Do no panic if the sites above reported a banned site. This site was reported as banned by IsBanned but BannedCheck reported otherwise.

Be sure to investigate further to confirm results.

The domain name looks perfect except it didn't fit into the site theme concept I planned earlier.

So I'll have to go back to that site planning step and rework my new site theme concept and site blueprint.

After 2 days of working on the storyboard and checking through the keywords list, I decided that websdiy.com is the perfect domain name for my web building project. I registered websdiy.com with NameCheap.

Try this method to find a domain

Type a long name. Changes are, if the word is pronounceable, it is taken. The first one to go will obviously be the .com.

Next, delete one letter at a time, starting from the last letter. If it's available, the domain name will turn green. Keep deleting and see what you get.

If you want a brandable domain, see what you can do with the word play, I usually ignore the suggestions. As the domain name becomes shorter, think of how you can add a letter after the vowel or repeat the last charater and see if it looks good.

Anything wrong with .net, .org and dot biz?

Most gurus and leading marketers will advise on nothing except a dot com domain name. And if you insist on a .com, you may have to settle for a longer name.

For shorter names, you can keep on a lookout for expiring names but most of them do not make any sense unless it is an abbreviation or acroymn of a phrase you had in mind. Alternatively, if you are ready, bid for the name you like. If you are new to new marketing, I suggest you grab any fresh names. When you are making millions, you'll be able to afford the premium that are asking.

If you have to consider going for other top-level domains(TLD),look at the dot com and see if the site is active. If the site is for sale, there is a possiblity of buying it over at a later date if your site is successful.

If it was an active site, I may want to avoid it if it's the same niche. The chances of users keying in a dom com instead of other TLDs is very high.

However there is not hard and fast rule on this. Recently, I registered hi5.pw. I am using this domain as a shortener for all my sites. I don't care if traffic would spill over to the dot com site. It won't be the case anyway.

I have also registered for gofy.net. The dot com is a parked domain. Four lettter domains are hard to come by and I can't resist the temptation.

If you must have a dot com and nothing else...

If you can't find a shorter name, then you may have to opt for a longer domain name. I would avoid hyphen. I would prefer WebBuildingGuide over web-building-guide. Using camel case makes reading easier. It would still be perfectly alright if users were to key in the camel case in the browsers.

Exact Domain Match (EDM) is no longer an advantage in search results. In fact, it may come across as spammy, especially long domains with several hyphens.

Have patience, and you'll be able to find your perfect domain name.

Some domain names in the members area

I can't buy every domain name I like. I do not make a living selling domains. I usually make a note on domains that I like but were not ready to build sites on them. I've saved them in the members area. You are free to register them if they are of interest to you.


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