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How I Promote My Own Website

Time to promote my own website?

I should be promoting my website as soon as I uploaded my first web page. But this time, I am doing differently.

I'd prefer to continue focusing on building pages and launch my promotion campaign only when my site has 100 pages.

Even when it reaches its 100 pages but looks like it's still under construction or is unable to guide a reader into building a website, I considered this site as incomplete. Then perhaps I'll begin the promotion till I uploaded 200 pages.

Why the delay?

While that shouldn't be the case actually, as promoting a site takes time and ideally it should be started as soon as I published my first web page, but this site is really different.

I am not selling any products. I am talking about web building. Though web building is never complete, I am putting my reputation on the line here. I find it embarassing to have a incomplete site on the web teaching people how to build a web.

Let assume you are following my steps seriously, how long do you have to wait for my next page. Even if you are my only reader.

And I am targeting to be listed in Yahoo and Dmoz, I better have a near-complete site than a half-constructed site.

Getting Into Yahoo Directory

This site is so important that I have to have it listed with Yahoo. And since getting into the Yahoo Directory cost money, I have got to ensure that this site is completed at a certain level. I don't know what's Yahoo standard of getting listed, but at the very least, it has to be at a level I am happy with. I'll be embarrased with an incomplete site.

Get listed with Dmoz

Getting into the Open Project takes a longer time, much longer time than most could endure. The strategy may be to submit before the web's done since the queue may be ridicously long. And since an opportunity to be reviewed is hard to come by, I must ensure it gets listed upon the first review.

My first site for a non-profit was listed in 18 months after 3 submissions. It didn't have its own domain then. And when it finally has got it's own domain, I wrote in to update the change, it was updated within days!

So, the problem could be I might had submitted it when there was no editor for that category then.

Even if it's another 18 months, I'll wait. That's only one the ways to promote this website for a start.

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