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Maintain your own website

Maintaining my own website

"You mean I have to regularly maintain my own website? Ain't it supposed to go autopilot after it's done?"

I love that too, but how do you ensure that it goes autopilot 24/7?

A broken link will remain a broken link until you fixed it.

What about validating your pages?

Many website owners are not aware of that maintaining a website is also an important part of make your own website, or hate maintaining their sites that they totally ignore or avoid this necessary "chore".

Which are the areas that require maintenance?

  • Validating CSS
  • Validating HTML
  • Correcting grammatical errors, typos and misspellings.
  • Internet links
  • Keeping content current and fresh
  • Redesign
  • Improving ranking
  • Backup
  • Etc

This list is not complete. Every webmaster's priority is different.

While some may consider updating of content to be the top priority, I consider correcting grammatical errors to be the top in the list since English is not my native tongue.

However proofreading and correcting grammatical errors require external help, I'll put them as next to code validation as top since it is something I can and have to do it myself.

Validating CSS & HTML

For a start, I recommend validating of pages a top priority. I'll talk about other areas of maintenance in details later.

And since most webmasters ignored the validating of their web pages, I recommend this done upon the uploading of the first page.

If you are using Firefox you may want to install the Web Developer Toolbar addon so that you could validate your web pages while still in localhost, though internet connection is still required.

But if you have php include, then you may need to install XAMPP

I shall cover this later

Then when is the good time to start maintaining your own website?

The moment your site goes live, it's time to start monitoring and doing the necessary maintenance.

Taking this step seriously will enable you to learn page building and marketing.

Whether you are running your offline or business and only need a web presence, it would be better to start maintain your own site.

Start learning HTML and other necessary online skills. You'll need them.

Since I've been advocating web building with a notepad, you'll need to cultivate this habit right from the start.

Coding becomes easy and natural after your validating exercises.

After learning to correct coding errors, you'll enjoy it so much that you won't to use any HTML editor again.


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