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Creating Web Pages 101

Creating web pages for a website

With the templates done, now it's time to build web pages.

In most cases, only one template is needed for a website, with the exception of the home page. It could still be the same template but with a slightly different layout.

On this site, I shall instead be using a different layout for each subtopic.

You are here...

Also, with each subtopic, I'll using a different file for each Tier 2 header and another file for each Tier 3 page at the side bar.

For step 1 till step 9, you'll notice that the highlight bar in white stays at "How I build" while the highlight changes with each step on the sidebar at the right.

That gives you an idea where you are at now. I could even add another step by highlighting the exact file you are at by hightlighting the specific file: As in this case, it should be "Create Web Pages."

Or I could box up all the pages under step 7 and highlight the specific page file.

This is made possible by using the PHP includes which I'll be covering at a later stage.

PHP includes

The files on this web use the extention PHP. If I were to name it html, then I"ll have to add a line to the htaccess file, or else the PHP command will not be executed.

I did this to all my other sites but not this site. I guessed I was lazy. If I must give a reason, it may be I try not to add anything to htaccess file as it may slow down the pages. I may be wrong. I have no other reasons.

PHP includes is only a line and it does not requires any knowledge of PHP programming. And this is very powerful. I only need to make changes to a file. Let me give you and example:

This page on creating web pages uses a file named "T37-right.php." If I have 20 pages under this subtopic, I only need to need to make changes to T37-right.php and the rest of the 20 pages will reflect the changes immediately.

Without this PHP includes, I'll have to update all the 20 pages.

As the sidebar gets too crowded, I may delete all links to other steps and show only pages under step 7.

With PHP includes, this repeatives task is made simple by just making changes to only 1 file.

Creating Web Pages For my website

With the various templates done, now it's time to create my own web pages.

Of all the pages that are listed below, some are not needed for this website. For those not used by this website, I'll create them just to show you how they are done so you'll be able to create them for your website:

  • Home page
  • Content pages
  • Contact us page
  • Sitemap page
  • General info page
  • About me page
  • Google search page
  • 404 page not found
  • Squeeze page
  • Landing page

Other files for the server

  • robots.txt
  • .htaccess
  • Google site owner verification file

Manual updating pages

As I do not rely on scripts, each time I complete a page, I'll have to update 2 other pages before I upload all the 4 pages to the server:

The 2 sitemaps are necessary while the feed is optional. As the feed is only for readers who prefer to subscribe and since I have none at the moment, I am rather slow in keeping it updated.


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